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Opening the 24th Apec Anti-corruption and Transparency Working Group


For two days from 19-20/02/2017, in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, the 24thMeeting of APEC Anti-corruption and Transparency Working Group (ACTWG) was held in the framework of the first Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 1) of APEC Vietnam 2017.Delegates from APEC member economies, several international and non-governmental organizations attended the meeting.

In his opening remarks, H.E Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Government Inspector General, Chair of ACTWG 2017 insisted “with the theme of Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future, APEC 2017is expected to contribute to strengthening economic links, promoting widerregional connectivity; deepening cooperation among members on the issues of sustainable and inclusive growth; enhancing community resilience and ability to respond to the challenges of food security, climate change and natural disasters; narrowingdevelopment gaps, reducinginequality; making good impression in the coordination process of the Forum. This is a very appropriate theme whichreflects the common interest of member economies, that is: an urgent need for new motivationsfor APEC economic and trade growth and links, promoting greater cooperation so that APEC can continue maintaining its role as the leading economic cooperation mechanism in Asia – Pacific”.

​The 2017 ACTWG Chair also stated that with the mission to support the establishment of legal, enforcement, and regulatory frameworks to prevent and combat corruption; cultivate a culture of open governance, transparency, and anti-corruption across all sectors; implement measures, processes, and standards that promote transparency and accountability; safeguard the environment from harm by corruption; enhance public-private sector cooperation and dialogue; and leverage collective action to combat illicit trade and dismantle transnational illicit networks across the Asia-Pacific region, the ACTWG needed to continue its efforts to promote the effective implementation of commitments madeby APEC leaders, the main pillarsof which were theAPECCourse of Action on Fighting Corruption and Ensuring Transparency,Santiago Commitment to Fight Corruption and Ensure Transparency2004, Beijing Declaration 2014 and Manila Declaration 2015. To this end, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh looked forward toactive engagementof delegatesand colleagues’ in exchanging and sharing informationso that the Groupcould reach a consensus on all the issues set out in the agenda, especially the ACTWG Work Plan 2017 and Strategic Multi-year Work Plan for 2013-2020 to providethe ACTWG witha basis to implement its activities in the coming time. He also hoped that all the delegates would exchange, share their efforts in implementing commitments made by Leaders in fighting against corruption, money laundering, illicit trade; strengthening sustainable growth and human security; promoting law enforcement agencies networks; strengthening public-private partnership and social engagement; enhancing the awareness and supporting anti-corruption and transparency efforts all over the APEC region; etc. in order to find out new motivation for promoting deeper and wider cooperation among member economies and contributing to the development of a peaceful, sustainable, developed and proserious Asia Pacific economies community. According to the meeting agenda, representative of theAPEC Secretariat providedupdates on the APEC project management and new arising issues; the achievements of ACT in 2016. The Group discussed and adopted the 2017 ACT working plan. Presentations at the Meeting focused on the progress made by member economies in anti-corruption, UNCAC implementation, as well as implementation of anti-corruption and transparency initiatives; implementation of Beijing Declaration on Fighting against Corruption2014; updates on ongoing or proposed projects; initiatives and activities on cooperating with other relevant international fora. At the Meeting, Vietnam reported on the results of the Workshop “Promoting the social engagement in fighting corruption” and made a proposal on compiling APEC’s best practices on promoting social engagement in anti-corruption.  On the second working day, international organizations reported on anti-corruption activities and cooperation with the ACT; Vietnam updated the preparation for the forthcoming 4th ACT-NET meeting in August 2017./.