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Closing the Workshop: “Promoting social engagement in fighting corruption”


After a busy and efficient working day, the Workshop on "Promoting social engagement in fighting corruption" has undergone 03 sessions with interesting and informative presentations by 12 speakers from APEC member economies, international organizations and experts.

Delivering the closing remarks, Chair of APEC Anti-corruption and Transparency Working Group, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh affirmed that all the presentations were useful to member economies, organizations to learn best experiences to promote social engagement in anti-corruption. This would enhance the effectiveness of anti-corruption in the community. ​​ Through the workshop,APEC member economiescontinue to confirm their determination in preventing and combating corruption, sharing experiences, good practices as well as challenges faced by all.  Outcomes of the workshop will be useful inputs for the 24thMeeting of the ACTWG which will be opened tomorrow, and will also help the Working Group to develop and propose APEC guiding documents on ensuring the effective engagement of the society in anti-corruption. The workshop also conveys an important message to the people and businesses in each APEC member economy and international community: APEC member economies always strive, together withtheir businesses and the people,to prevent and combat corruption to build a clean, healthy society and foster a shared future.  On behalf of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh sincerely thankedthe United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for their collaboration to make this workshop a complete success as well as other assistance from the UNODC to Vietnam’s Anti-corruption work./.​