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The Delegation of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comission visit and work with Government Inspectorate of Vietnam.


​On 06th April, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong welcomed the Delegation of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MA​CC) leaded by H.E. Mr. Mohd Jamidan Abdullah. Attending the meeting also included the Head of International Cooperation Department, representatives of Head of Planning, Finance and General Affairs Department, Anti-Corruption Bureau.

At the receipt session, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong expressed the thank to the Delegation for visiting and working in Vietnam and wish the talk between both agencies successful.

Under the framework of the working session, the Delegation of MACC and that of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV) had the talk on inspection, complaints and denunciation settlement and anti-corruption sectors.

Deputy Director of the Planning, Finance and General Affairs Department Nguyen Huu Hoa briefly introduced to the Delegation of MACC the results on inspections, anti-corruption works in 2014 and the plan for 2015.

Also, Deputy Director of the Anti-corruption Bureau Phi Ngoc Tuyen represented the inspection on the responsibility of anti-corruption at the ministries, branches and locals in Vietnam as well as the advantages, challenges, experiments and lessons.

After the representations of GIV representatives, the delegators of the MACC also raised questions on the Law of Land violation reports,  settlement authorities to the land ownership issues, corruptive behaviors. Both sides also discussed deeply on the resigning the Memorandum of Understanding between Government Inspectorate and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Accordingly, both sides would exchange the expertise, views and information to enrich the professionalism within the both agencies.

Representative of MACC shortly introduced the new points in the recent operations of MACC. One of those new points is the establishment of MACCPEACE of which the functions focus on investigating, interviewing the complainant, witnesses and arrested person to enhance the admissibility of the evidence at the court.

Dao Phuong