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Mr. Le Tien Hao warmly welcomed the AIRI delegates during their working visit in Vietnam


On 1/6, Deputy Inspector General Le Tien Hao warmly welcomed the delegates from the Board of Audit and Inspection of the Republic of Korea (BAI) leaded by Mr. Sim Ho, The Director of Audit and Inspection Research Institute (AIRI)-BAI.

At the welcoming, through Mr. Sim Ho, Mr. Le Tien Hao sincerely presented his compliments and send Mr. Huynh Phong Tranh, Inspector General's invitation to the President of BAI to invite him to visit the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV) in 2015.

Mr. Le Tien Hao highlighted that the cooperation relation between GIV and BAI will be a precious opportunity for both sides to exchange the experiences on works and help strengthening further the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Korea.

According to Mr. Sim Ho, during the visit to Vietnam in 2014, he realized that GIV played the very important role in the development of Vietnam. Therefore, the BAI did make proposals to the KOICA for organizing the training course annually. Referring to the inspection on the officials’ position, BAI hoped that with the approval of the Inspector General, BAI would send the specialists to directly work with the GIV bureaus, departments and units on these issues. Besides, audit specialists would be sent to the State Audit Office for exchanging more experiences.

After Mr. Sim Ho shortly informed the results of 2014 training course, 2015 training plan and long-term training plan of BAI, Mr. Le Tien Hao insisted that GIV would continue to send the officials delegation to Korea for learning, exchanging experiences further more in order to promote the best results of 2014 training course. Moreover, the GIV leaders would also cooperate with the BAI leaders to direct, support and make best conditions for the officials to learning and achieving the best results.

Dao Phuong