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Tightened Relationship between Inspection Branch of Vietnam and Lao maintained throughout 20 recent years


Under the framework of the trip for visiting and exchanging the experiences with the Government Inspectorate of Laos (GILs), on 3rd of August, at the Vientiane, the high-ranking Delegations of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV) leaded by Deputy Inspector General of GIV Tran Duc Luong had the high-ranking Colloquy with the GILs headed by H.E Mr. Khamsuc bunnhavong.

At the Colloquy, both sides informed the socio-economic d evelo pme nt situiation of each country for recent 6 months, and exchanged the experiences gained in the works on the direction and management of the inspection, anti-corruption.   Both sides highly evaluated the results of the cooperation and the exchange on experiences and professional works of inspection in both countries for recent years and committed the coop eration on inspection, complaints and denunciations settlement, anticorruption would be strengthened widely and deeply. This would help positively strengthening the specially and comprehensively friendly and traditional relationship of both   Vietnam   and   Laos   to make it deeper and more effective.

Together with the widen and comprehensive development in all areas, the inspection branch of Vietnam and Laos had been maintained tightly throughout past 20 years.  Since 1995, both sides maintained the exchange on the senior and employee-level delegation to exchange the experiences on inspection, complaints and denunciations settlement and anticorruption works.    The Cooperation Agreement on inspection, complain ts and denunciations settlement and anticorruption works had been signed for 4 times.    The senior Delegations of GIV leaded by H.E Mr. Tran Duc Luong also visited and had the informal talk with H.E Mr. AsangLaoly – Member of Politburo, Prime Minister of Laos.   At the talk, Prime Minister of Laos AsangLaoly highly appreciated the cooperation between GILs and GIV for recent years.   On behalf of the Party and Government of Laos, H.E. Mr. AsangLaoly thanked the Party, Government and Inspectorate of Vietnam for assistance in enhancing the professional skill and knowledge for generations of cadres and officials of GILs and he highlighted that this would contribute to develop the special relationship of Vietnam – Lao, Lao – Vietnam for years.

Prime Minister AsangLaoly expressed the hope that both Inspectorate agencies would continue strengthening more deeply and widely the cooperation through the exchange and sharing experiences on inspection to enhance its effectiveness and effect to promptly detect and deal with the corruptive behaviors…one of the most important tasks focused by the Party and State of Laos.   H.E. Mr. Tran Duc Luong expressed the pleasure and happiness for visiting and working at the beautiful country of Lao and also sincerely thanked Prime Minister for the warm welcome.   Informing Prime Minister with the results of the colloquy between GILs and GIV, H.E. Mr. Tran Duc Luong insisted that the Inspection branch of both countries had proactively exchanged the experiences on direction, management on inspection, anticorruption. As being informed, the Delegation then visited and work with the Vietnam’s Embassy at Laos.   

Dao Phuong