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The high-ranking Delegation of State Inspection Authority of Laos visit and have talk with Government Inspectorate of Vietnam


On 15/6, at the Head quarter of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV), Deputy Inspector Le Tien Hao warmly welcomed the high-ranking Delegation of State Inspection Authority of Laos (SIALs) leaded by Mr. Bun-pon Sang-Som-Sac, Vice Chairman of Committee for Examination, Deputy Inspector of SIALs. Attending the talk and receipt included the Ambassador of Laos and Representatives of Heads of some bureaus, departments and units under GIV.

At the beginning, Mr. Le Tien Hao, Deputy Inspector of GIV highlighted that the friendly relationship between Party, Government and People of Vietnam and those of Laos had been developed well for many years. Thus, the relationship between GIV and SIALs had become more and more effective and well consolidated. Every year, high-ranking delegations visited both countries for exchanging the precious experiences on expertise knowledge and good practices; both GIV and SIALs also agreed on many work cooperation opinions, contributed to the development of both countries.

Delegates of both agencies exchanged experiences on aspects: Inspection, civil receipt, complaints and denunciations settlement; investment supervision by community; anti-corruption; the need for training the Laos inspectors and officials in 2016 as well as the measures for cooperation as stated in the cooperation agreement. On behalf of the Laos Delegation, Mr. Bun-pon Sang-Som-Sac shared the experiences of SIALs on the assets transparency and declaration. Accordingly, the assets and income transparency and declaration was implemented in accordance with the Laotian Government’s Decree. Assets which must be declared included land, jewels, expensive watches, inherited assets, vehicles, machines etc. The origin and value of assets of over 60 millions VND are obligatorily declared. Besides, the delegates also mentioned the subject to the declaration.

Mr. Le Tien Hao expressed the congratulation and happiness for the economic and politic achievements which Lao and its people gained in the context of the fluctuating world. Besides, He also insisted that the precious experiences shared by the SIALs would be realized in the future training courses and works of both sides.

On behalf of the SIALs Delegation, Mr. Bun-pon Sang-Som-Sac expressed the thank to Mr. Le Tien Hao and GIV Delegation for the warmed welcome; thanks to the specialists and lecturers from GIV for training and guiding the professional knowledge to the Laotian officials for recent years. Both sides hoped that the results, experiences and good practices would be promoted.  

Dao Phuong