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General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong chaired the 18th Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption


The Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption (the Committee) held its 18th session on July 25, 2020, chaired by Party General Secretary, President and Head of the Committee Nguyen Phu Trong, to look back on its work of the first 6 months of 2020 and outline tasks and priorities for the last 6 months of the year.

Speaking at the session, Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong noted that in the first half of 2020, aside from important achievements in the COVID-19 combat, economic development, and social and foreign affairs, the Party development and the fight against corruption, especially the role of the Committee, continued to receive support and high evaluation from the people, officials and Party members. It can be affirmed that this fight has not been delayed but become stronger, more effective and drastic with many remarkable achievements as follow:
First, direction on further enhancing examination, inspection and auditing work. A number of cadres committing wrongdoings, including senior officials under the direct management of the Party Central Committee, and potential officials for the next Party Congresses at all level, have been strictly disciplined. In the first 6 months, discipline was applied to 186 party members due to corruption, and intentional wrongdoings. Noticeably, the Central Party Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat of the Communist Party, the Central Inspection Committee strictly and publicly dealt with high-level officials at Central level, both in office and retired. This strongly affirmed the Party and State’s determination to fight corruption with no off-limits zones or exceptions, to filter out unqualified cadres with degrading political ideology, morality or involving in corruption. 
Inspection and Audit authorities have proposed to confiscate and financially handle VND21,943bil and 507 ha of land, and to apply administrative discipline to 805 units and 12 individuals, have transferred 42 cases and 46 subjects to investigation agency for further handling, and have completed the inspection conclusion of Ha Bac Fertilizer Plant’s expansion project. 
Second, drastic direction on the investigation, prosecution and adjudication work with more cases and defendants; a number of serious, complicated and prolonged cases were completely handled; cases of wrong doings related to the party congress personnel at all levels were focused. The competent authorities have made great efforts, tried and proactively overcome difficulties, ensuring the progress of investigation, handling cases in line with plan of the Committee. 
Since the 17th meeting of the Steering Committee, 06 cases have been completely handled, and 01 new case has been added; 13 new cases/16 defendants have been prosecuted; 03 cases/05 accused have been reinstated investigation; 55 more defendants in 11 cases have been expanded investigation, prosecuted; investigation of 11 cases/63 defendants have been concluded; the indictment of 07 cases/44 accused has been issued; first instance trial of 09 cases/27 defendants, appeal trial of 06 cases/47 defendants have been implemented. Especially, focus was made to investigate and clarify cases of wrongful cadres and party members in a number of corruption and economic cases, related to the party congress personnel at all levels, and to direct on the handling points of cases: The case of Nhat Cuong Company and a number of related units, The case took place at Saigon Agricultural Corporation, the case happened at the Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (Sabeco); the case happened at the Project Management Board of the Danang - Quang Ngai Expressway; the case happened at Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company. Some very serious and complicated cases addressing people’s interest have been finished, including: the case happened at Hai Thanh Company, the Navy Military Service; the case happened at Mobifone Telecom Corporation; the case happened at the Vietnam Social Insurance; cases of violating regulations on land management, violations of regulations on management and use of state property causing loss and waste, occurred in Da Nang.
Attention has continued to be paid to the detection and settlement of corruption in ministries, sectors and localities, with investigation launched into 143 cases involving 399 persons in the first six months.
Third, direction on rectification and overcoming difficulties and obstacles in assessment, asset valuation… has been focused, the recovery work of assets and losses in economic and corruption cases has been pushed up. The Government and concerned ministries and branches (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment...) have focused on directing, correcting and overcoming problems, limitations, difficulties and problems in the assessment and valuation of property for the purpose of investigation and handling of cases and cases. Authorities have proactively applied many measures to verify, track down, and prevent the transfer and dispersal of property to recover appropriated property and losses in the cases.

During the period, prosecution and civil judgment enforcement agencies nationwide recovered more than VND37 trillion worth of stolen assets in corruption and economic cases. Of the sum, over VND11.7 trillion worth of assets, along with many other valuable properties was recovered, temporarily seized, or frozen in the cases under the steering committee’s monitoring.
Forth, direction on formulation and promulgation of many Party regulations, State laws on Party development, socio-economic management and anti-corruption. The Steering Committee has focused on directing to develop many important projects and tasks under the Working agenda. The Central Committee, the Politburo, and the Secretariat have issued many documents on Party development and anti-corruption, especially the regulations serving the party congresses at all levels, and handling violations in personnel issues. Many important law projects were amended, supplemented or newly issued, contributing to the institution improvement aiming at preventing corruption, such as: Law on Judicial Expertise, Enterprise Law, Investment Law, Law on Private-Public Investment, Law on Construction…
Fifth, direction on strengthening communications on anti-corruption, promoting the roles and responsibilities of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Press and the people in anti-corruption. The authorities have pushed up the direction and orientation of information and communications about anti-corruption. The media and press actively disseminated anti-corruption contents, news, articles, and investigative reports, reflecting corruption and negative cases and protesting, fighting the allegations that take advantages of the fight against corruption to distort and sabotage the party congress at all levels. The Party Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front has directed to strengthen supervision of the implementation of anti-corruption regulations; receive and handle well the report and denunciation related to corruption, waste, deterioration in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, "self-evolving", "self-transforming" among officials, and Party members.
Sixthly, the Steering Committee and the Standing Steering Committee have focused on implementing its work according to work plans and conclusions made by Party General Secretary, State President Nguyen Phu Trong and also the Head of the Steering Committee; effectively held regular (often weekly and monthly) progress meetings to promptly direct and resolve difficulties and problems in handling many serious and complicated cases. Permanent members of the Steering Committee proactively developed work plans; completed many anti-corruption projects and tasks as schedule; directed, inspected and monitored the implementation of assigned anti-corruption tasks in the sectors, fields and localities under their jurisdiction. The Standing Body of the Steering Committee  actively cooperated and effectively supported the operation of the Steering Committee and the Standing Steering Committee; especially, more drastically giving advice and direction for the significant cases and incidents which were under the Steering Committee’s monitoring. The relevant agencies have made a great effort and actively cooperated with each other to effectively implementing the directions of the Steering Committee and the Standing Steering Committee.
Regarding the key tasks for the rest of the year 2020, Party General Secretary, State President Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized that along with focusing on preventing and controlling the epidemic to decisively prevent it from transmitting and spreading in community we have to rebound and gradually regain our high growth momentum; completing the preparatory work for the Party congress at all levels, towards the 13th National Party Congress. Moreover, the anti-corruption work should be further strengthened, so in order to ensure the effectiveness in combating corruption and the successful organization of the Party congresses at all levels, main tasks included:
Firstly, completing the anti-corruption tasks under the 2020 Work Plan of the Steering Committee and other works in conformity with the conclusion at meetings of the Steering Committee and the Standing Committee.
Secondly, directing to accelerate the examination, investigation and the settlement of serious and complex corruption and economic cases that attract the public’s attention; urgently investigating and clarifying the wrongdoings of cadres and party members in the cases related to the party congress personnel at all levels; imposing strict sanctions and not allowing unqualified cadres who have manifestation of degradation in political thinking, ethics, lifestyle and committing corruption to be the member of the party executive committees. By the end of 2020, striving to finish the investigation of 15 cases, prosecute 17 cases, complete first-instance trials of 20 cases, and hold appeal trials of 06 cases, complete verification and settle 19 cases under the supervision and direction of the Steering Committee; especially, focusing on directing to complete the first instance trial of 09 important cases in accordance with the work plan of the Steering Committee.
Thirdly, further enhancing examination, supervision, inspection and auditing to deal with complaints and denunciations about corruption related to Party congress and election of deputies to National Assembly and People’s Council at all level in a timely manner; urgently completing the conclusion of thematic inspections on the management and use of health insurance fund, procurement of medicines and medical equipment.
Fourthly, continue directing the making of regulations on anti-corruption; early promulgate regulations on encouraging and protecting cadres and party members who dare to think, dare to do, dare to break through, dare to take responsibility for common interests in performing assigned functions and tasks; Decree on control of assets and income; national database on asset and income control; amendment of the Inspection Law; reviewing, amending and supplementing the provisions of law in specific fields proposed by the inspection, supervision, inspection and audit missions.
Fifthly, continue promoting and bolstering the efficiency of communication and education on anti-corruption; resolutely refuting false and hostile claims, persistently combating with exploitative use of anti-corruption to disrupt, smudge and disunite, and attempts to sabotage party congresses at all levels; further promoting the role of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, its member organizations, the press and the people in the fight against corruption.
Sixthly, directing to complete projects set forth in the work plan of the Steering Committee; organizing National Conference to review the anti-corruption work since the establishment of the Steering Committee, especially since the beginning of the 12th Party Congress tenure.
At this meeting, the Steering Committee also discussed and approved the following contents: Viewpoints on handling violations in serious and complex corruption and economic cases; at the same time, assigned functional agencies to study and promulgate or propose competent agencies to issue legal documents for practical application; Report on the results of examining the leadership, direction and implementation in terms of reception and settlement of denunciations, crime reports and prosecution proposals related to criminal signs in economic management order and positions in some localities; Report on the results of implementing the recommendations of inspection delegations of the Steering Committee on the recovery of stolen assets in economic and corruption criminal cases; Project on amending and supplementing the Working Regulation No. 07-QC / BCĐTW dated April 9, 2013 of the Steering Committee.