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​Ispector General welcome the Delegations of the Anti-Corruption and Cilvil Rights Commission of Korea


​On 12/10/2015, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh warmly welcomed the Delegation of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of Korea (ACCK) leaded by Mr. Lee Choong Ho, the Assisstant to Chairman of ACCK on the occasion of the working trip in Vietnam. Attending the meeting included Deputy Inspector General Le Thi Thuy and representative of leaders from Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV).

At the welcome, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh expressed the pleasure to welcome the Delegation of ACCK to visit and work with GIV. He insisted that both agencies had implemented the memorandum’ contents signed in 2013 effectively, which contributed to tighten the relationship between both agencies. 
Besides, He also proposed that both agencies would carry out the assessment and review session of the implementation of cooperation agreements by the beginning of 2016. GIV would managed to send the high-ranking Delegation to Korea to take part in the preliminary review session. He also wished the success to the working trip of the Delegation and hoped that the Delegation would have more impressive memories of the Vietnam’s friendly and  hospitable country and people.
Mr. Lee Choong Ho also agreed that the assessment would be important and essential task to enhance the effectiveness of the cooperation between both agencies. He affirmed that during the time of working with GIV, the Delegation of ACCK would proactively share and exchange the information and experiments on the complaint and denunciations settlement. Especially, the Delegation would share more information on the effective online civil receipt applied by the ACCK. He insisted that the experiments shared by both agencies would contribute to enhance the effectiveness of the complaint and denunciations settlement system of both countries. This also would strengthen the confidence of the Koreans and Vietnameses living and working in both countries whenever they had the complaints or denunciations needed to be settled.

Right after the welcome, Delegations of ACCK and GIV had the talk on anticorruption and complaint denunciations. Deputy Inspector General Le Thi Thuy, chairman of the talk requested both Delegation to proactively exchange and share the experiment on the complaint and denunciation settlement system as well as that on the direction and management on this work.

Mr. Lee Choong Ho thanked the GIV for detail and useful information. The ACCK Delegates also briefly introduced the functions, tasks and process of settling the complaints and denunciations and practical experiments in Korea to GIV Delegation. As the Delegation informed, the information on the online civil receipt and administrative complaint settlement would be introduced more on the Delegation’s next working day in Vietnam. 

Dao Phuong