Vietnam – Laos: Strengthening the cooperative relation in inspection and examination sector

Under the framework of the working visit at Laos, the senior Delegation of the Vietnam’s Central Committee for Examination (VCCE) and the Government Inspectorate (GIV) leaded by H.E Mr. Mai The Duong, Member of Central Party, Deputy Standing Chairman of the CCE and H.E Mr. Le Tien Hao, Deputy Inspector of GIV hold the talk with the senior Delegation of  Laos’ Central Committee for Examination (LCCE) and Government Inspectorate (GIL) headed by H.E Mr. Thong si Uon lasi, Deputy Head of LCCE, Deputy Inspector.

H.E Mr. Thong-si Uon-la-si expressed the pleasant to welcome H.E Mr. Mai The Duong and the senior Delegation of VCCE and GIV to visit and work at Laos. He also briefly inform the Delegation about the Laos’ general situation of the inspection and examination in 2014. Accordingly, with the highly raised responsibility of the Central Party, Government, and the whole society and people along with the support and help from the international community, the politic situation is stable, the social order is maintained and the GDP growth reaches at 7.8%/year, the average income per captita is 1,692 USD/year, the number of the poor household reduces by 2.4%.
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On the aspect of inspector and examination, in 2014, the Laos’ Central and Governmental Secreatary Committee established two profesional units including the Department for Examination – Inspection of the Examination and Inspection Conclusion Execution and the Department for Corruption Investigation – Verification.

H.E Mr. Mai The Duong also shortly informed the Laos Delegation about the Party construction as well as the examination and supervision works of the VCCE and the inspection works of GIV in 2014. Specifically, the all-level examiniation committees focused on choosing the contents and sectors which cause the high tension in the society and through the works of self criticism and criticism according to the Resolution 4. He also shortly informed the results of the inspection works. Both sides exchanged the precious experiences and the challenges in the examination, inspection, anticorruption, assets and personal income declaration works in Laos and Vietnam. Besides, Laos delegators also expressed the concerns on the personnel preparation for the all-level Congress toward the Vietnam’s Communist Party Congress XII.

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At the talk, H.E Mr. Le Tien Hao also exchanged and clarified the experiences on the complaints and denunciations settlement; anticorruption law propaganda, publication, education; the organization and operation of anticorruption units etc; tasks and solutions for the work of both agencies in 2015.

To conclude the talk, H.E Mr. Mai The Duong sincerely invited H.E Mr. Thong-si Uon-la-si and the officials of LCCE to visit and exchange with VCCE and GIV in the coming time.

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On behalf of the senior Delegation of LCCE, GIL, H.E Mr. Thong-si Uon-la-si congratulated VCCE and GIV on the achievements on the inspections, examination and highlighted that the friendly and cooperative relationship between both countries had been developed well. He also insisted that Laos Party, State and People would make efforts to foster the special cooperation relationship between two agencies of two countries, which contributed to the deeper, more practical and effective relations between two Parties, Governments and countries./.

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Dao Phuong