"Together we fight against corruption for the development" talk

Under the framework of the propagandic activities on the occasion of the Anticorruption Day, 09/12, Government Inspectorate of Vietnam cooperated with UNDP to hold the talk “Together we fight against corruption for the development” and exhibit the printed anticorruptive products, tools within the national, regional and international extent. Nearly 3​00 participants at the talk were the representatives from Central and Hanoi agencies, committees, branches; social and political organizations; international agencies and organizations; universities, research institutes. 

The co-chairmen of the talk included H.E. Mr. Huynh Phong Tranh, Member of Poliburo, Inspector General; Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong; H.E. Mrs. Zhuldyz Akisheva, National Director of the UN Anti Crime and Drug Agencies in Vietnam and H.E. Mr. Bakhodir Burkhanov, Deputy National Director of the UN Development Program in Vietnam.

Speaking at the talk, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong said that the corruption constrained the socio-economic development; increased the poverty and weaken the healthcare, education systems; destructed the democracy; increased the inequality and unfairness in the society. Corruption battle is concerned by the whole world because corruption presents in both rich and poor countries and the group of poor people is the most vulnerable one. For the the past years, with the cooperation among the public and private sectors and nongovernmental, social agencies, the communicative agencies and the people, many efforts had been made to enhance the people’ awareness of the corruption and to encourage the people’s proactive participation in anticorruption works.

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The talk aimed at enhancing the citizens, cadres and officials’ awareness of guidelines, policies, laws as well as the efforts of Party and State in anticorruption works. Through the talks, all the people understood that anticorruption is not the Government’s own duty. Therefore, the people have participated more proactively in anticorruption efforts through the legal documents system and mass media channels, which have made certain results in this work.

Nearly 70% enterprises have the code of conduct and behavior, representative of the Enterprise Office for the Stable Development, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry said (VCCI). Most enterprise aware of the importance and effectiveness of developing and executing the code of conduct and behavior to prevent the corruption. For recent years, VCCI operated many activities to support the enterprise in making and applying the code of conduct and behaviors such as: organizing the training course on anticorruption tools, cooperating with GIV to hold the conferences on anticorruption and making the code of conduct and behaviors for enterprise.

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Any anticorruption efforts may be failed if they do not target to the people’s need and lack of their participation, the representative of Toward Transparency organization(TT) affirmed. The National Anticorruption Strategy by 2020, Anticorruption Law, Complaints and Denunciation Law have created the legal framework for the people’s participation in anticorruption. Representative of TT also made some proposals to promote the people’s participation such as strengthening the people’s accessibility to the information on state agencies’ operations; conducting the initiatives which allow the people, press and civil social organizations to participate in the Governmental efforts devoted to strengthen the transparency, accountability and integrity of the public authorities; enhance the effectiveness of the complaints settlement mechanism; particularize and promote the effectiveness of the measures of protecting the denunciators.


H.E. Mrs. Zhuldyz Akisheva  also introduced the good practices all over the world relating to the protection and rewarding of the corruption denunciators. Accordingly, in order to protect and reward the denunciators effectively, it is necessary to have the legislature framework, effective denunciation channel; the reward manners for encouraging the denunciators as well as for identifying the behaviors of revenging the denunciators to protect them more comprehensively; enhancing the awareness of protecting the denunciators and reviewing this work more regularly.


The discussion of the Security Academy presented the necessity and effectiveness of the introduction of anticorruption contents into the education program at the training and educating units. The representative of Project P36 under the VACI 2013 from the Academy of Press and Propaganda called for the joint cooperation  of the young people in anticorruption work and it was concerned, shared and agreed by all the positive opinions and participants of the Talk.

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At the end of the Talk H.E. Mr. Huynh Phong Tranh, the Member of Politburo, Inspector General of GIV said that it was the first time GIV held the anticorruption talk with the new approach which made the favorable condition for the speaker to tell their experiences in the anticorruption work. He also insisted that thank to the enthusiasm of young people in the  “School is beautiful” Project (Project P36); the challenges, difficulties and positive effects of the introduction of anticorruption content into school education; the efforts of the private sectors in anticorruption through the Code of conduct and behaviors; the shares and the affirmation of the people’s position and important role in anticorruption; the general overview on the many countries’ denunciator protection mechanism all over the world, the corruption preventive measures were clarified and added up and the role of the civil society was highlighted to contribute to the more effective execution of the United Nation Convention on Anticorruption. Through the discussions at the talks, the awareness and participation of the whole society in the anticorruption have been increasing more practically and widely.


H.E. Mr. Huynh Phong Tranh confirmed the efforts of Vietnamese Party and State in the anticorruption works which was showed on many anticorruption documents. The participation of civil society in this work was presented in particular contents and articles of these documents. All the people participated more proactively in anticorruption work through the activities of discovering and denunciating the corruption and negative issues. Many fraud cases were strictly judged thank to the proactive participation of the whole society. It was necessary to propaganda and popularize the anticorruption law; strengthen the public transparency and accountability along with administrative reform and the increase in the responsibility of the leader; implement effectively the mechanism for managing the opinions and the people’s participation in making the policies and mechanism; execute the civil reception and complaints and denunciations settlement well; strengthen the mechanism on protecting and rewarding the denunciators; ensure the strict settlement of corruptive behaviors to consolidate the people’s confidence and encourage them to participate more proactively in the anticorruption works, H.E. Mr. Huynh Phong Tranh said./.


Dao Phuong