Opening the inspection profession fostering course K16/2014 to the inspectors from the Kingdom of Cambodia

On 18/11, under the cooperation program between the Government of Vietnam and Government of Cambodia as well as the agreement between Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV) and the Ministry of National Assemble-Senate Relations and Inspectorate of Cambodia (MoNASRI), The Inspection Training School of GIV held the opening ceremony of the inspection profession fostering course to 20 officials of the MoNASRI. H.E Mr. Ngo Manh Toan, the professional teacher, Deputy Director of the Inspection School, H.E Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of GIV, H.E Mr. KenBunTha, the First Secretary of Cambodian Embassy in Vietnam and all the students of K16/2014 attended the Ceremony. 

Under the cooperation framework between two Governments and Inspectorate agencies, GIV assigned the Inspection Training School to cooperate with the International Cooperation Department to open the  inspection training and fostering courses to the officials of Cambodian Inspectorate agency. In 2014, The MoNASRI sent 20 key officials of the Ministry and locality to attend the training course. This activity plays an significant role in strengthening the friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia in general and the Inspection sectors in both countries in particular.

On behalf of the leaders of GIV and Inspection Training School, H.E Mr. Ngo Manh Toan, Deputy Director of Inspection Training School sent the best wishes to the Senior Delegation of MoNASRI and the students. Mr. Toan also said that the Leaders of GIV and Inspection Training School had made the most favorable conditions of facilities and training to the Cambodian officials and expressed the hope that the students would proactively study, exchange and discuss with the lecturers to graph the necessary knowledge and skills as well as to flexibly apply to the practical situation in Cambodia.

campchia 2014.JPG
H.E Mr. KenBunTha, the First Secretary, Cambodian Embassy in Vietnam also attended and delivered the speech at the Ceremony. On behalf of the students of the course, Mr. Ken BunTha sincerely expressed the thanks to the concern and support of Vietnamese Government, Government Inspectorate of Vietnam as well as that of Inspection Training School for contributing generally to the career of building and developing the Cambodia in  and particularly to that of inspection sector of Cambodia Kingdom. Thanks to the precious support of GIV and Inspection Training School, the officials who were trained in the School brought into play the knowledge gained in Vietnam well and completed the assigned tasks with remarkable results, Mr. KenBunTha insisted. Simultaneously, the friendship and cooperation relation between the two nations will be strengthened further more for lives.

Dao Phuong