Korean Audits and Inspection Institute visit Vietnamese Government Inspectorate of VietNam

On 10th November, at the Headquarter of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV), Deputy Inspector General Nguyen Duc Hanh welcomed the Delegation of the Korean Audits and Inspection Institute (KAII) leaded by H.E. Mr. Kim Sang Yun, President of KAII. Attending the meeting included representatives of Heads of some bureau, department and units of GIV: Inspection Training School, Personel Department, International Cooperation Department.

At the welcoming ceremony, Deputy Inspector General Nguyen Duc Hanh said that thanks to the long-lasted and friendly cooperation tradition between Vietnam and Korea, GIV and BAI developed the bilateral relationship stabally and effectively. Agreeing with H.E Mr. Nguyen Duc Hanh, H.E Mr. Kim Sang Yun said “thanks to the similarity in the culture of two countries, the friendly cooperative relationship bewteen GIV and BAI have been developed to a new height”. H.E Mr. Hanh added that for the recent years, many GIV officials had been sent to Korea for learning the experiences of Korea in inspection to enhance the capacity of the Vietnamese inspectors.


After that, two delegation gathered to discuss contents relating to the inspectors training and fosterinng. On behalf of Leaders of GIV, H.E Mr. Ngo Manh Toan, Deputy Director of Inspection Training School expressed the pleasure and happiness to work with Korean researchers specialists in the inspection training and fostering field and hoped that this would be the precious opportunity for both sides to deeply exchange and understand the inspection training and fostering sectors.

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H.E Mr. Toan briefly introduced to the Korean Delegation the organizational structure of GIV’s Inspection Training School and it’s history of development and establishement. According to Mr. Toan, the School focuses on training programs such as: inspection level and inspectors training, knowledge, position, inspection task, updating the knowleage of inspection, training under the international program, national goals. He insisted that most of the inspectors working in the inspection sector had been trained in the Inspection Training School before working practically in the sector. According to Mr. Toan, more than 11 thousands of students have been trained in the School for the past three years. Besides, the School also trains the inspectors from Laos and Cambodia. The GIV bureaus, departments and units also cooperated with the School for preparing the curriculum and training courses materials. Beside those results, the School has also faced with a lot of difficultes such as the shortage of modern training facilities.

H.E. Mr. Kim Sang Yun, President of KAII also introduced the organizational structure and the training programs of the KAII. Accordingly, the GIV’s Inspection Training School and KAII shares the common organizational structure. However, the KAII focuses on training not only the inspection but also the audits and accountings program. The KAII has been established and developed for 37 years and becomed the independent agency for more than 18 years.

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The accountant generals of about 30 Korean governmental agencies were trained in KAII. Accordding to Mr. Kim Sang Yun, The KAII has two units: the Inspection Research Institute and Inspection Academy. The first one is responsible for preparing the curriculum and materials for training as well as doing the legal researches. The second unit of KAII is responsible for training the inspectors and audits. Currently, the Academy is training the new subjects on information technology. Similarly to the GIV’s Inspection Training School, when the Korean inspectors are promoted to a higher position, they will be trained to update and foster with supplemented knowleage at the KAII.  

At the meeting, the delegators of both sides discussed openly and in detail about the training, fostering and science research. On behalf of KAII, H.E Mr. Kim Sang Yun said that after coming back to the Korea, the KAII will prepare fully the introduction documents, the statistic figures and training materials to share with the GIV’s Inspection Training School so that both sides can learn experiences in inspection training and fostering works from each other.

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Deputy Inspector General Nguyen Duc Hanh presenting the gift to Mr. Kim Sang Yun

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