Sharing the international anti-corruption experiences in the Central and Western Highland of Vietnam

On 25th August, in Da Nang City, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong chaired the conference on sharing the international anti-corruption experiences with the presence of the Leaders’ representatives  from the units of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV): Anti-corruption Bureau, International Relation Department, Legal Department; Mrs. Evelyn Lam, Head of the Hong Kong Police Force; Mr. Shervin MAILESSI, the Regional Anti-corruption Adviser, the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and other representatives of inspectors from Central and Western Highland region.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Duc Luong insisted that Vietnamese Party and State were determined to fight against corruption by issuing many policies, laws and guidelines and implementing many anti-corruption programs and measures synchronously; the anti-corruption had gradually made the positive changes in the consciousness and actions of all levels and industries; which also reflected the determination and capacity of the whole political system and society in the anticorruption.

Beside the intrinsic efforts, resources and experiences, Vietnam hopes to learn and apply more effective international anti-corruption experiences to enhance the anticorruption efficiency. GIV with the function of state management on anticorruption has strengthened the works on studying, collecting and publicizing the international anti-corruption experiences through out the inspective industry as well as related agencies and units. Mr. Tran required all the attendants to discuss and contribute positive opinions after listening to the speakers’ helpful speeches. Besides, all attendants were also required to share the difficulties and challenges being faced with in anti-corruption as well as to exchange and suggest the solutions on the basis of effective international experiences and practices.


At the conference, Deputy Director of Anticorruption Bureau Ngo Manh Hung introduced the UNCAC (United Nations Convention against Corruption) regulations on anticorruption and Vietnam’s measures on anticorruption. Accordingly, Mr. Ngo represented the early review on the Vietnam’s compliance with the UNCAC regulations on anticorruption. Accordingly, Mr. Ngo represented the early review on the Vietnam’s compliance with the UNCAC regulations on anticorruption. Mrs. Evelyn LAM, Head of Hong Kong Police Force represented the international experiences on the transparency of officials and civil servants and the experiences on interest conflict prevention, criminal and financial investigation. Mr. Shervin MAILESSI shared the international experiences on preventing the corruption in public procurement, financial management and strengthening the accountability of officials and civil servants as well as the people’s accession to information. Deputy Director of Legal Department Nguyen Tuan Anh represented the role of the international experience study in the completion of Vietnam’s legal anticorruption policies. According to Mr. Nguyen, the study might focus on the effective experiences on dealing with the issues that Vietnam had obstacles such as: continuing the completion of the legal documents on rewarding the denouncer; measures for protecting the denouncer; supervising the assets and incomes of the officials under the tenure of position and powers, especially dealing with increased assets of which the origin was not accounted reasonably. The results of these studies would contribute significantly to the completion of the Vietnam’s legal anticorruption policies.

At the end of the conference, Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong said that the conference had achieved the expected results; many international experiences and documentations shared by the speakers were helpful for Vietnam to study and apply in making legal policies, executing the legal documents and assessing the Vietnam’s law execution process. According to Mr. Tran, it was essential for Vietnam to keep  making the legal policies to ensure the more effective corruption prevention, state management, people protection, and persuasion of the people to taking part in the state operations in order to develop the Country better. 


                                                                                                          Dao Phuong