The Research Group of Japanese Ministry of Internal Affair and Communication and JICA visit and work with Government Inspectorate of VietNam.

On 25th August, Deputy Inspector General Le Thi Thuy welcomed the Research Group of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affair and Communication (MIC) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which was leaded by Mr. Hanada Satoshi, the Head of Administrative Counseling Division, MIC.​​​

On behalf of the Leaders of Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV), Deputy Inspector General Le Thi Thuy warmly welcomed the Delegation to visit and work with GIV to prepare for the mid-term training program “Promoting the GIV officials’ capacity” sponsored by Japanese Government throughout the JICA.

On behalf of the Research Group, Mr. Hanada Satoshi expressed the sincere thank to the the warm receipt of the GIV and briefly introduced the contents for working and sharing with some representatives of department, bureau and unit’s leaders of GIV.


After the welcoming, the Research Group directly worked with the representatives from GIV’s departments, bureau and units. At the beginning of the working session, Mr. Hanada Satoshi presented the outline of the Administrative Evaluation Bureau and Japanese Administrative Counseling System. After that, representatives from GIV raised questions and shared the practical experiences on civil receiving and complains and denunciations settlement of GIV. Both sides had a better understanding about each side’s legislative system and agencies for settling administrative complaints and denunciations. On the standpoint of Justice and Impartiality, there are nearly 5000 voluntary consultants in the administrative counseling system around Japan to promote the settlement of requirements, opinions, complaints on state administration. Thanks to this feature, the citizens and the administrative consultant become more closed and friendly, which connect citizens with central and local agencies more effectively.


The working session saw the excessively expected results and brought new hopes for the future delegate exchange and experience sharing on inspection, administrative evaluation, civil receipt, administrative consultancy and administrative complaints settlement, especially the training project “Enhancing the capacity of GIV’s officials” in the next three years.                                                                                                     Dao Phuong