Conference on strengthening the comprehensive capacity of the Inspectorate system – sharing experiences on inspection and audit with Korean Inspectorate.

 On 18 June, GIV cooperated with the Korean Inspection and Audit Agency (KIAA), Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to organize the conference on strengthening the comprehensive capacity of the Inspectorate system. The conference was chaired by H.E Mr. NGUYEN HUU LOC, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, GIV. The attendants included H.E Mr. SIM HO, Director of Korean Research Institute of Inspection and Audit; H.E Mr. KIM SIK HYON, empowered Head Representative of KOICA, speakers and officials of Korean Research Institute of Inspection and Audit and representatives of leaders, officials from departments and units of GIV.​ 

While delivering the opening speech, H.E Mr. NGUYEN HUU LOC said that the Conference’s goal was to share the information on the organization and operation of GIV and KIAA and this content is under the framework of the program on strengthening the comprehensive capacity of Inspectorate system for the period of 2014 and 2016 which is sponsored by Korean Government through the KIAA and KOICA. The target of the program is to share the Korea’s experiences on the mechanism, implementation strategy and methods of inspection and audit through the activities such as specialist consultation, conferences and training courses in Korea.

During the conference, the speakers presented speeches excitedly and straightly. H.E Mr. SIM HO,
Director of Korean Research Institute of Inspection and Audit briefly introduced the development history and the organizational mechanism of Korean Supreme Audit Agency, audit activities, measures for reforming the national audit system and the program on training and strengthening the audit capacity.

 At the same time, speakers from GIV also introduced the role of GIV in the economic and social development progress, challenges during the process of reforming the system, internal organization; general information about position, role and operation of Vietnam Inspectorate system; experiences and lessons drawn from programs on developing professional capacity, profession, organization as well as the  Poscis’ speech on Programs, Project on strengthening capacity of GIV and Inspectorate system. GIV speakers’ speeches focused on inspection activities to timely detect weaknesses in management activities and to recommend the measures for dealing with these weaknesses and enhancing the effectiveness of management and deployment of resources for the country’s socio-economic development.


The Conference acted as the bridge for connecting, sharing and exchanging the practical information to well prepare for training officials of Vietnam Inspectorate system in 2014 according to the mid-term training projects agreed by both sides.

 Dao Phuong