13th Anti-corruption Dialogue

On 26/11, the 13th Anti-corruption Dialogue between the Government of Vietnam and the donor community and international development partners under the theme “Anti-corruption preventive measures and asset recovery ” was held in Hanoi by the Government Inspectorate, Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the British Embassy. H.E. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Member of Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Director of Central Anti-corruption Steering Committee participated in and delivered the speech at the Dialogue.

The preventive measures were the utmost solutions to prevent and fight against corruption because these measures help preventing the conditions, opportunities for the corruptive behaviors to execute and cause the adverse consequences to the society, Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong stressed at the beginning of the Dialogue. Meanwhile, the corruptive asset recovery aims to minimize the dangerous consequences affecting the society, recover the resources to the State, terminate the corruptive motivations; being one of effective measurers of anti-corruption tasks. anti-corruption and asset recovery are the key factors of comprehensive anti-corruption strategy of any country. These are also the two main pillars of the United Nation Convention on Anti-corruption and will be reviewed at the Second Cycle of the member countries’ UNCAC Self-Assessment Mechanism including Vietnam in the expected 2015.
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British Ambassador Giles Lever highly appreciated the efforts of Vietnamese Party, State and Government in the anti-corruption mission for the past years, which reflects the political determination and effectiveness in implementing the measures on preventing and combating the corruption. However, Mr. Giles Lever also figured out that according to the effectiveness assessment index of the 2013 public administration sector, the corruption in this sector in Vietnam is still at a tension level.  In order to prevent and combat the corruption successfully, Vietnam needs to strengthen the cooperation among all the domestic authorities, as well as enhance the cooperative relations with international agencies and organizations.

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All the donors and development partners at the Dialogue recognized the Vietnam’s efforts and results achieved in anti-corruption tasks. There were also many opinions recommending the Vietnamese Government to continue the effective implementation of documents involving anti-corruption works.

At the end of the Dialogue, Vietnamese authorities, donors, international development partners came up with the agreement on the common assessment on the anti-corruption process of Vietnam, especially the rising issues, experiences and solutions to corruption prevention and combat and corruptive asset recovery. Representatives of donors and development partners continue to commit to keep on supporting and assisting the Vietnamese Government in anti-corruption tasks.

Delivering the speech at the Dialogue, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc insisted, the preventive measures were gradually bringing out the positive effects including the improvement in administrative procedure reform in the investment, land, enterprise establishment, electricity accession, strengthening transparency and accountability in the State agencies’ operations. Especially, the reform of administrative procedures on tax, customs, online tax declaration, bank-transfer tax payment was strengthened; the process of tax profile and administrative procedures receipt and settlement was electronically proceeded; the national one-stop mechanism was set up at the international harbors  and join in the ASEAN one-stop mechanism.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that the Dialogue on anti-corruption before the Donors Group Conference (CG) is a special mechanism on exchanging information, presenting the good will, the need for cooperation between the Government of Vietnam and donor community and international organizations.

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Many topics relating to anti-corruption works were discussed openly and straightly at the Dialogue; many researches, sociologic surveys were conducted and the international experiences, anti-corruption initiatives were shared and introduced.

The Dialogue has made positive effects on the policy making process, strengthened the authorities’ capacity in preventing and combating the corruption and encouraged the participation of the whole society in the anti-corruption in Vietnam. Besides, the anti-corruption Dialogue has enhanced the knowledge, maintained the confidence of international community in Vietnam’s anti-corruption determination, which ensures the effective usage of social resources including the ODA sources granted by the international community. Since 2012, the anti-corruption dialogue mechanism has been adjusted due to the change in the ODA policy of donors.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc believed that the cooperation among Government of Vietnam and donor community and international organizations would be maintained and developed in a good path. On behalf of the Government of Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed many thanks to the donors, international organization, consultants, national and international scholars. Simultaneously, he also highly appreciated the coordinators’ excellent roles in cooperation with the Governmental agencies of Vietnam in organizing successfully the past Dialogue cycles.​

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To end the Dialogue, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh thanked the British Ambassador for his sharing and donors' contributions to the Dialogue cycles for the past years. He also insisted that Vietnam considers the corruption prevention measures to be the basic method; many corruption prevention solutions had been executed however the achieved results had not been high yet and it was necessary to find suitable solutions as well as a effective assessment method for this issue. Through the Dialogue, the term "asset recovery" needs to be gradually recognized in Vietnam. He also said that the topic of this Dialogue and the discussion contents would make the influence on the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the amended anti-corruption Law. The opinions and the speeches showed that the dialogue cycles had brought out the positive effects on the anti-corruption in Vietnam such as the completion of legislation and corruption identity. The Inspector General highlighted that each dialogue cycle was an important international cooperation opportunity for strengthening the capacity of Vietnam’s anti-corruption agencies and enhancing the anti-corruption tasks. The attendance of news agencies and medias also helped to propagandize the topic of this Dialogue widely.

Dao Phuong